Gene Hunt - May the Funk Be With You

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  • It's no surprise Theo Parrish was chosen to provide a remix on Gene Hunt's latest for Rush Hour: the original version sounds like it could have been created in his studio. The opening synthesizers of Hunt's "Mat the Funk Be with You" are straight out of an early '80s commercial film, with the track title blasting across the screen. A strong, dampened kick drum drives funky worm squiggles before a transition to chunky bass, classic percussion and sampled organ stabs. Everything comes together in the last third as sci-fi phasers descend and strings sing a bittersweet melody. Theo Parrish's remix reveals the main sample's gospel roots. A fat, improvised bassline gradually takes shape under a cymbal ride. The jam builds organically with additional percussion and keyboards. Describing each instrument would be too clinical, since the resulting mix is jazzy and warm. This is Parrish at his most lush and joyous. Back when Chicago house parties would still be going strong at eight or nine on a Sunday morning, DJs would spin a track like this to "bring the dancers some church." Amen.
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      A May the Funk Be With You B May the Funk Be With You (Theo Parrish Mix)