Hunee - Tide

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  • Hunee's take on house music is nothing if not distinctive: pitting the rhythmic adventurism of the Burrell Brothers with the uplift of disco, all stitched together in arrangements as detailed as any contemporary plug-in tweaker, the Berliner forges a bounce all of his own. Rush Hour, who released his very fine "Bobos Alone In Paradise" single from 2010, seems like the perfect fit for music so equally situated between yesterday and tomorrow; his follow-up for the label, Tide, takes quite a similar stance, though his sound design continues to keep things interesting. While you usually know Hunee when you hear him, he has a knack for keeping things fresh. So while both inclusions here were apparently pulled from a backlog of older material, neither is likely to sound like a facsimile of something you've heard before. "Tide," the slower of the two inclusions, packs a curious punch: ebullient percussion rides a zappy 303 through sections that can be both headily melodic and sparsely down-to-business. "Minnoch" feels more paranoid and manic, though the producer still manages to leave plenty of space for a forceful kick to cut through the mix. (Some of his percussion flourishes here sound like they may have been pulled from the same source as those in Roman Flügel's "Brasil," though Hunee doesn't take the elements in quite as deranged a direction.) With properly new material supposedly on the way, Hunee once again sets the bar high, though he gives little indication of where his studio chops might go next.
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      A Tide B Minnoch