Detroit Swindle - The Wrap Around EP

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  • Brit producer Huxley has already released a fine bass-soused house record of his own in the past month on Hypercolour. Here he—and Saints & Sonnets label partner Jimmy Posters—open the floor up for release number two to Dutch production duo Detroit Swindle, AKA Lars Dales and Maarten Smeets. Like Messrs Bashmore, Eats Everything and Huxley himself, the Amsterdam-based Swindlers trade in house music that has intricate bass patterns at its core, before twinkling fairy lights are draped over it. That Detroit moniker, however, is something of a red herring. It's Chicago that Dales and Smeets actually look to—both the original tracks are ostensibly tough, electronic, 4/4 soul cuts. "The Wrap Around" has the briefest of R&B vocals scurrying around its foundations, but it points skywards, built on a vibrating synth bassline and pin-sharp hi-hats. Yet it's rather outshone by the moodier, ocean-deep "Pain Tomorrow." Haunted by a subtle hint of What's Going On-era Marvin Gaye, its overwhelming feature is a fabulous 11-note analogue bassline that winds in and out of gospel organ segments and wandering synth swells. Milton Jackson and Mathias Schober, under their Pattern Select banner, offer a more aggressive, peak-time take on "Pain Tomorrow." It takes a while to get to where it's going, but then hits its stride after the breakdown by fattening up the bassline to underpin its itchy keyboards.
  • Tracklist
      A1 The Wrap Around A2 Pain Tomorrow B Pain Tomorrow (Pattern Select Remix)