Ultrasone - Here and So Far

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  • There's a hell of a lot of good stuff to be found on Ultrasone's debut EP for Supplement Facts. Sadly though, most of it is crammed into the title track, leaving the other two runts fighting over the barest scraps that remain. Starting with the positives though, "Here and So Far" really is wonderful. Clicking and thumping its way into your consciousness before ushering you towards a warm bed, it flicks and cavorts its way around a irregular beat. It's almost a shame when the beat snaps back into a more familiar 4/4, but once there you're only too happy to go with it. By contrast, "Meetin' Again" bubbles along pleasantly enough, but it never really comes close to being truly engaging; the wobbly bassline and washed-out acid lead simultaneously vie for your attention and talk over one another as a result. "Motus" is pleasingly lethargic in both pace and tone, but suffers from both an irritatingly programmed and soullessly hollow bassline; one of the many elements which fails to hit the spot in what is a fairly listless effort. It's a shame, considering the strength of the title track. By combining one fantastic record with two mediocre tracks, what you have is a fairly average EP.
  • Tracklist
      A Here & So Far B1 Meetin' Again B2 Motus