Tr One - Drum Dance

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  • The second release on Kenny Hanlon's Apartment Records comes from Irish producer Tr One. The aptly-titled "Drum Dance"—that's almost all there is to it—initially sounds like some kind of lazy hippie drum circle, taking its sweet time to pick up the pace. Finally three minutes in, some whispery synths whoosh their way in, like a slightly looser, more organic Jus-Ed track, shows a lot of patience in its slow build (what comes later: a two-chord phrase.) Liverpudlian producer John Heckle is tapped here for his first remix, and his "Jack Dance" reinterpretation gives the kick drum a punishing low-end boost. The original's hints of melody are replaced by a full-throated synth that basically blots out the entire frequency spectrum, along with the filthy acrid drums we expect from Heckle. Meanwhile, Amsterdam duo Juju & Jordash drench the track in shimmering synth for their "Dub Dance," spreading the drums out sparsely and laying down a heaving concave bassline to give the twinkling mass a bit of shape.
  • Tracklist
      A Drum Dance B1 Drum Dance (John Heckle Jack Dance) B2 Drum Dance (Juju & Jordash Dub Dance)