Woman - Expansions of the Standard EP

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  • Is a nostalgic sample enough to carry a whole tune? In the case of Woman's "Woman," the answer is yes. What goes on behind the androgynous "I'm so in loooove with you" sample (culled from Duke's '90s chart hit of the same name) is naught but scratchy tech house, but the swooping, swooning vocal is enough for that not to matter: it's a hooky DJ tool, really, and that should be no surprise given that Woman are veteran DJ Terence :Terry: and ex-pop music maker USH. "Shine On" is just as standard in the beat department, with steely drums and perc crashing and slashing away beneath a slightly less engaging vocal. The Gerd re-work, though, is much more loveable. It's busier too, with greater definition in the claps, hi-hats and squiggly synths adding up to something with a detailed dynamism sorely lacking from the homogenised original. Rush Hour associate San Proper is also enlisted on remix duty. His "Proper Woman" is founded on poppy melodic hooks with moaning and groaning vocals swirling all around like malevolent spirits trying to find a way in. No nostalgic samples here, but the results are just as memorable.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Woman A2 Proper's Woman (San Proper Remix) B1 Shine On B2 Shine On (Gerd's Analog Re-work)