Azuli Presents Miami 2003

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  • So how was Miami for you? If like me, you were reduced to following diaries from the likes of RA you'll greatly welcome the appearance of Azuli's annual Florida party coverage. There's a few biggies on here to contend with, proving that there's plenty of life in the old house beast yet. David Piccioni presides over both CDs, and the first is a selection of mostly vocal house, with Jay J's hooky 'Keep On Risin'', Sam La More's 'Takin' Hold' and E-Funk's 'Shout' the pick of a very good bunch until Bini & Martini show up, with a funkier-than-thou bass line on the gospel flavoured 'Say Yes'. Things begin to chill towards the close with Kevin Yost and the lazy dog man Ben Watt providing some deepness. The second mix goes darker, more tribal, and includes Planet Funk's snarling 'Who Said', the stomping 'Dark Beat' from Oscar G & Ralph Falcon and a pumping 'Collective EP' from Def E. My pick of this mix is the haunting 'Shivver', a David Forbes and Mallorca Lee production. Meanwhile old faves 'Plastic Dreams' and Outta Limits' 'Mission Control' make welcome appearances. Expect these tunes to be big this summer! You can't go wrong with this one, with over two hours of floor filling action.