Cubenx - These Days Remixes

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  • Cubenx's original "These Days" is something like a shoegaze ballad, mostly divorced from the techno context of the rest of its parent album On Your Own Again. That's what the remixes are for. Both remixers pretty much gut out the original completely, doing away with its dramatically lumbering pace and thick, filtered guitars. Barcelona duo Downliners Sekt do that most literally, replacing the Jesus & Mary Chain atmosphere with a spectral soundscape about as spooky as their own forlorn productions. Their mix buries a broken 2-step beat somewhere in the usual sea of tape hiss and effects, anxious, irregular chords pushing the whole thing along while the vocals murmur like a wounded lounge singer. UK house rising star T. Williams, on the other hand, fashions a typical lengthy club jam out of it, dipping into the same pop house water as his recent remix of Maya Jane Coles for a jacking workout complete with raucous Chicago chords and little bubbles of acid, too glossy and eminently bassy to be revivalist.
  • Tracklist
      01. These Days (Single Edit Version) 02. These Days (Downliner Sekts Remix) 03. These Days (T.Williams Remix)