Huxley - Let It Go EP

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  • They say good things come in small, two track 12-inch packages—and that's certainly the case for Huxley's debut outing for Hypercolour. After a 2011 of great promise—including notable outings with partner in crime Ethyl on Tsuba—Michael "Huxley" Dodman shares the podium with Eats Everything on a compact but beautifully-formed offering of contemporary house music. The Big Thing From Tring* grew up on a diet of garage (both UK and US flavours), so it comes as no surprise that his original outing has a soulful vocal sample and fizzing hi-hat stitched into its fabric. But, the primary feature of "Let It Go" is the pile-driving three-note bass synth line it spins around, which has the muscle to grip a dance floor tight. One might argue that Eats Everything had an even more illustrious 2011 than Huxley; here the Bristolian bassmeister reworks the original with the lightest of touches, adding echoey, booming, Bashmore-esque bass and ravey synth stabs. Let It Go proves that by pursuing a simple formula—take a strong original track, give it to a sympathetic, in-form remixer—you won't need a bumper pack of remixes that total longer than an average album to get people interested. *The small town just north of London which Huxley calls home.
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      A Let It Go B Let It Go (Eats Everything Refuse)