Freddy K & Ken Karter - K's Game

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  • New Berlin-based label Key Vinyl is the brainchild of Alessio Armeni, AKA Freddy K, one of the founders of label management collective K1971. He, alongside Ken Karter, takes the reins on K's Game, Key Vinyl's maiden release and an upfront mixture of brooding white noise and chaotic breakbeat techno. The highlight on this package is undoubtedly the A-side, "K," a heady and structurally adventurous track. Instead of opting for the overtly loop-based approach a great deal of today's trippy and industrial-tinged techno is derived from, Armeni has crafted a dynamic peak-time tool. A modest oscillating synth is the first of the track's two draw cards to appear, reeling the listener in before it all breaks down into a mess of giddy percussion and frenzied midrange snippets at the track's midway point. Flip the vinyl over and you'll find Armeni and Karter's "KK." Like its A-side accomplice, the track makes use of bold drum programming, but in a far less subtle way. The end result is something that recalls '90s-era Warp, but in a manner that feels contrived in comparison. The duo's ambition in crafting an IDM/techno mash-up to accompany a more dance floor-friendly effort is admirable, but when it's all said and done, the A-side is the thing you'll be reaching for here.
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      A K B KK
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