Evy Jane - Sayso

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  • King Deluxe's very first vinyl release goes to the Vancouver duo of singer/keyboardist Evelyn Jane Mason and beatsmith Jeremiah Klein, who make eyes-down dubstep(ish) songs that proves this stuff has the potential for pop without resorting to histrionics. If the sudden turn to wax is supposed to mean something, it's easy to see why: these songs are the best to hit King Deluxe yet. Forgive the reductionism, but maybe the best way to describe this release is Emika with a little dusting of Cat Power singing over early James Blake. It certainly sounds that way with "Sayso," a gracefully shuddering dubstep track that tiptoes over creaky floorboards with bits of melody fluttering away in breezes. Mason's lyrics are darkly sensual, threading a defensive anxiety and subtle sexuality through her husky multi-tracked voice. On "Sayso" it's a bewitching whisper and on the punch-drunk swagger of "Ohso" it's a soaring croon, couching a hook in folds of dubby percussion and see-saw synths. The single is backed with two remixes from Vancouver underground cornerstones. Taal Mala does a subtle tweak job of "Sayso," laying a steady foundation of throbbing sub that nicely complements Mason's vocal, but it's the other remix that looms over the rest of the release. Max Ulis shows off his recent move to house with a fantastic but gentle rework of "Ohso," pushing those synths to the background and replacing the skip with a dry skeleton rattle, a bed of uncomfortably parched drums where the bass comes from painful collision rather than the warm swells of sub we often associate with "bass music." Lightly altering her vocal and sprinkling choice phrases over his haggard house, it's Ulis' best work yet.
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      A1 Sayso A2 Ohso B1 Ohso (Max Ulis Remix) B2 Sayso (Taal Mala Remix)