A Sagittariun - Carina

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  • Maybe the oddest thing about about the anonymous A Sagittariun project is that anonymity is its least interesting factor: the confident and accomplished beats speak for themselves. Expanding on the promise of his debut, Carina is an adventurous display of what this guy is capable of—and apparently, he can do all sorts of things. The EP's title track is the natural standout, sending a very natural-sounding drum break careening around a bumping bassline. It's so freewheeling it barely feels like house even after the hi-hats and gently whining synth riff come in. A deep house re-rub from Bristol producer October puts the track in its place, submerging all the elements into something barely recognizable, inflating the bassline into a sensually heaving earthquake and really capitalizing on Sagittariun's whole "dream" fixation with something that sounds pleasantly world-weary and half-awake. "Ninth Sign" continues on this deep house tip, bouncing plasticky percussion on an elastic bassline, the whole thing immersed in viscous atmospherics similar to (but less narcoleptic than) October's effort. "An Afterthought" takes on slow, thoughtful house with a bubbling bassline that never quite lets loose and constantly edging synth melodies that dance around a chord progression instead of just knocking one out. On the other end of the spectrum, the restless "Space Dub Dream" takes the rebellious percussive freedom of "Carina" to its logical endpoint, a Hawkwind-esque collage of roaming snares, searing guitar and psychedelically zig-zagging basslines. Break out the lava lamps.
  • Tracklist
      01. Carina (Original Dream) 02. Carina (October's Soft Body Move) 03. Space Dub Dream 04. The Ninth Sign 05. An Afterthought