Dusky - Lost Highway

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  • Moving, melodic, moody, double deep house is the stock-in-trade of the Dusky duo of Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman, and on this surprising 12-inch for Above and Beyond's Anjunadeep, they deliver just that. As with their techier Solarity alter-ego, there's an impressive show of craftsmanship here. "Lost Highway" has already vied for a Pete Tong Essential New Tune accolade; strapping the emotional pull of prog trance to Rhodes piano of the MJ Cole variety and then tying it all together with Hybrid-style strings may not sound workable, but the results are nigh-on irresistible. A complex, snaking Bristolian house bassline haunts the bouncy "Three Colours," but scratch away at it and emotive piano phrasings and synth washes are carried along in its undertow. The deepest is left to the last. There's something of the witchiness about the way darkened synths stabs and clipped percussion cleave away at the minimal-style slo-mo rhythm of "Someone Like You." It brings down the curtain on a highly polished EP of grown-up dance floor electronica.
  • Tracklist
      01. Lost Highway (Extended Mix) 02. Three Colours 03. Someone Like You