Adam Marshall - Haze

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  • Who can say what Adam Marshall's new sub-label—New Kanada Limited—might be for? With about half of its 12-inches devoted to Marshall's work and the rest to a small group of artists, New Kanada itself isn't all that inclusive. And judging by this first record, NKLTD looks like it's offering similar fare to its parent label, with the same red dot cover motif to boot. But that's OK, because musically, Marshall has never been prone to repeat himself. Living up to its title, "Haze" is shrouded with percussive echoes and other white noise. In this respect, it has a fairly dub-like approach, but the complete absence of bass results in a slightly unusual sheen. The first three minutes or so are filled out with toms, hand drums and parched claps, while the second half introduces wavy, guitar-like chords that sound off lazily, blending quickly into the mire. Given this source material, Kevin McPhee's remix is surprisingly dark, resting on a Marcel Dettmann-like thump. Placing Marshall's original chords into a centrifuge, he spins them with reckless force, transforming the lazy tones into a frenetic, catchy hook. "Oogamy" has the same kind of fuzziness of "Haze," but this time, the dub influence is felt as 2-step rather than 4/4. Spread atop dry, pattering snares, its lashings of treacley organ are hard to resist, even if they are rather wistful. All in all, a strong start for New Kanada Limited.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Haze A2 Oogamy B Haze (Kevin McPhee Remix)