Dasha Rush - Relativismi

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  • Dasha Rush has a long history of swimming the darkest of the trippy techno waters with her own Fullpanda imprint, but she finally stepped outside her own insular world back in 2010 with the strong Sonic State EP on Adam X's Sonic Groove label. That release was well-timed with a resurgence of heady, industrial-influenced techno, and at the end of last year she followed it up with an even better effort for Sonic Groove. In some ways, Relativismi feels like a more straightforward techno missive than Sonic State, lacking the structural detours of the latter's B-side, but it's no less challenging or indeed impressive. "Side Ways" begins with throbbing and distant clanging, a smokescreened industrial landscape quickly cluttered by a raw chord sequence and a dizzily disorienting, motion-sick hi-hat pattern, and the whole thing gets submerged in blurry filters instead of a proper breakdown. Listen distractedly and it's your average 2011 dark techno banger; listen with a more discerning ear and it's a smudged impressionist canvas. Toying with the stereo spectrum in a similar way, the bits and pieces of "Relative Perspective" seem to ghost in and out randomly from the fog of machinery that blankets the track's nether-regions, while "Dark Light" pulls no punches, sending a straightforward techno track through a shifting wormhole of dissonant chords and shifting textures.
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      A Side Ways B1 Relative Perspective B2 Dark Light Blend