Kowton v Dusk - Kowton v Dusk EP

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  • One hundred miles apart along the M4 motorway they may be, but Bristol and London have been partnering up in the pursuit of the perfect beat ever since Soul II Soul used to shack up for late night mayhem with the Wild Bunch soundsystem a quarter of a century ago. Kowton and Dusk are keepers of that long-standing alliance to this day. Dusk's "Fraction" locks into a groove early on and maintains it; a scratchy sub-bassline plays out under machine-gun tom-toms and spooked atmospherics. In the hands of Kowton, it gets witched up into a slow house roller, with more than a hint of Sabres Of Paradise-era Andrew Weatherall and Metalheadz in its late night, under a flightpath mood. With "Looking At You," Kowton slices up a UK garage-style vocal and scatters it across a skipping rhythm track complete with clanking metallic percussion that crossbreeds house and UK funky; a decade ago you'd probably call it broken beat. Right now it's the pumping heartbeat of the UK street.
  • Tracklist
      01. Dusk - Fraction 02. Dusk - Fraction (Kowton remix) 03. Kowton - Looking At You