M.A.N.D.Y. vs. Adultnapper - 201

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  • After releasing tracks like "Body Language," "Jah" and last year's "Donut," it's clear that M.A.N.D.Y. have an affinity for hook-driven tech-house. However, that might not be quite correct any more. Check out the tracklist for April's Body Language Volume 10 mix. Yeah, there's plenty of the aforementioned style, but it also includes Nicolas Jaar, Brandt Brauer Frick and Kollektiv Turmstrasse. "201," their recent collaboration with Adultnapper, would seem to take influence from the same corner as these three artists. It's moodier and more organic than anything they've ever done before. Structured around a plain, cantering beat, most of the work is left to a downcast guitar, which often appears layered atop itself. Big 747-taking-off swooshes create build-ups around which these string layers rally. Despite that description, it's actually rather restrained; more the kind of thing for gentle swaying than fist-pumping. The Jona remix is interesting; the other two, not so much. Using rubbery synth notes and a tinkling marimba, it changes the mood completely. With the aid of tricky drum fills, it becomes a gleeful Booka Shade-style club jam, relegating the original's guitar to bassline status. The other two make less of an impression due to lack of ambition. Ben Hoo's remix uses an incredibly generic percussion set and washes out the original guitar with filters and other effects. Findling and Pele's remix is similarly soft-handed, changing a few percs slightly but keeping everything much the same. As a result, both fail to differentiate themselves much from the original; a fairly basic criterion for successful remixing.
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      01. 201 02. 201 (Jona Remix) 03. 201 (Findling & Pele Remix) 04. 201 (Ben Hoo Remix)