Various Artists - Post Summer Sampler Part 1

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  • It will probably come as the most meagre of surprises to hear that this record plays the Hot Creations sound loud and clear: stark basslines, crisp drums and a sun-bleached disco vibe. That's not just because it's a label sampler, but also because Hot Creations are a particularly consistent brand. As with many of the most successful names in music, they reflect current trends in a way that can seem standard when viewed from a distance, but in actual fact each track removes itself from the median in a deftly judged and unique way that can, for some, make every new release difficult to resist buying. This canny business sense rolls on with the first of two Post Summer Samplers. These are house grooves, but "Games" is an especially snappy one, "Body High" is on the haltering side, and "Dance with Me" has particularly loose joints. More significantly, the style of everything around the grooves (i.e., the melodic bits) sets their overall personalities in a similar manner. "Games," in essence a soulful pop ballad, sees Ali Love continue to climb the ranks of house vocalists. This is the first output of his new project with Luca C (there's another with Luca's partner Brigante making its way onto No. 19), and it's a rather promising one. It's smooth, soft deep house driven by a catchy bass motif, and with lyrics addressing his lady; the one playing the "games" in question. Whether based on reality or not, he makes it sound strikingly honest. MANIK offers something weirder, featuring ample but tight echo and delay, vocals cut into vibrating, indecipherable sound effects, and wormlike synth hooks. Bubba's track is full of age-worn Motown strings, piano stabs vocal cuts and, of course, that chunky analogue bass.
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      01. Infinity Ink - Games 02. MANIK - Body High 03. Bubba - Dance with Me