Capracara - House of Dolls

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  • Until a year or so ago, Capracara focused mostly on gritty vintage house and Balearic disco, sounds befitting their homes on Soul Jazz and DFA, but lately he's been incorporating bright, buzzing synthesizers suggestive of Lone's hyperreal rave music. That was the case with his "Silvia Solar," an earlier release on Hot City's Unknown To The Unknown label, and it also goes for "House of Dolls," an even blearier take on '90s house. It's plenty muscular, between tribally conga rhythm and spring-loaded snares that borrow from dancehall's jittery movements, but it's also a weird mixture of tropes, with video-game bleeps chirping against tinny crash cymbals, while a woman's sampled voice ticks off the box marked "deep." It moves with a rough, ungainly grace, and you won't mistake it for anything else out there right now. Tapes, an artist affiliated with the German label Jahtari, loosely reconfigures its melody into a gritty, 8-bit dancehall number, a two-minute miniature of flickering Casios that sounds like Dig Dug in dub.
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      A House of Dolls B House of Dolls (TAPES Remix)