Martin Patino - Hommage a la Sodomie

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  • "Well, it's Suara, formulaic tech house," read one comment the last time I reviewed something on this Spanish label. And he was right. Until now. Half Peruvian, half Italian and Berlin-based Martin Patino is the first man to break the mould for the Barcelona label, turning in a massive curveball in the form of "Hommage à la Sodomie"—a nine minute, organic, percussive opus at the heart of his label debut. Weaving together finger clicks, congas, heavy-hearted chords and solemn strings, the thing twists and turns through various melancholic moments without so much as a single kick for company. It does have some nice moments but, frankly, is a much more appealing prospect in the hands of British orchestral musician Joash. His remix is much fuller but equally organic, with plucked bass and swinging claps veering into extra jazzy territory. It's suspenseful without feeling cluttered and, come the end, really sounds like some deep house-loving Philharmonic group jamming in a basement: impressive stuff. Elsewhere, X-Press 2 turn in a super lively and classy fairground house interpretation with myriad rhythmic lines wiggling in its wake, before also contributing a tougher, more stripped back "beats" version of their own remix. Patino's other original effort, "Mindgames" is not that standard either: clipped and bobbling beats fall over themselves in their surge forward beneath lingering organ notes and a refreshing neo-soul vocal. It's fluid, warm and likeable, confirming the EP to be more worthy of your ear than you might expect.
  • Tracklist
      01. Hommage A La Sodomie 02. Mindgames 03. Hommage A La Sodomie (X-Press 2 Remix) 04. Hommage A La Sodomie (Joash Remix) 05. Hommage A La Sodomie (X-Press 2 Beats Mix)