Kowton & Tom Dicicco - Untitled EP

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  • The four tracks which make up the seventh release from Project Squared sound as if they were chiselled in some deep underground mine: each one rumbles, grumbles and tumbles up to the surface through a long and dusty mine shaft with an earth shaking resonance that's hard to ignore. Manchester's Tom Dicicco opens proceedings with a burrowing, rolling bassline, searching apocalyptic synths and a distant double clap combo. It's earthy and muddy as it prowls forwards whereas Kowton's contribution is a little more suspenseful. "You make, you make" repeats a woman sporadically as pinging bass notes dart around it. For his next contribution, the Bristol man tackles Dicicco's original, stripping it back to a subterranean growl accompanied by misty hi-hats and weird vocal murmurings. It's dark and moody like everything here, with a predatory dub undercurrent moving the whole thing slowly forward. Finally, Dicicco tackles Kowton's "Untitled" with a little more bounce in his step and crafts something which is on the verge of cantering but which never fully breaks its step. Synth stabs add urgency where before it was mysteriousness that ruled. Nonetheless, this one will operate best in some dusty, darkened bunker well away from the flashing lights and benevolent melodies of the main room.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Untitled A2 Untitled B1 Untitled (Kowton Remix) B2 Untitled (Tom Dicicco Remix)