Jon Convex - Pop That P

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  • They have their differences, but you can tell that Jon Convex and Boddika split off from the same group: they both run on that jittery electro thread and both do it primarily through hardware. But where Boddika's anaerobic analogue is bone-dry and sometimes suffocating, Convex's are rich and textural, almost liquid—though still determinedly greyscale. It's that latter aspect that makes Convex a perfect fit for Irish imprint [nakedlunch] (also home to, you guessed it, Boddika), and his tracks here carve a path slightly darker than his ebullient 3024 debut. They also sound less like Boddika than "Convexations" did—"Pop That P" is a writhing hip-hop monster, with ticking snares that jump with syncopated glee. The somewhat melancholic B-side "Your Mind (Or Mine)" sounds more like his "Radar" single on NonPlus+, that same blackened twitch but painted with synth brushstrokes. It's a solid addition to an utterly reliable label and a small step forward for a producer whose sound is steadily and confidently moving away from his closest peer.
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      A Pop That P B Your Mind (Or Mine)