Various Artists - A Greater Administration Of Lower Interests

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  • "Chateau Jalousie" by Carsten Jost (AKA David Lieske) is guided by a graceful melding of powder-soft percussion and sailing chords. It feels like a midnight row on a placid lake, Lieske's well-crafted basics requiring no clever effects. Its protracted backing is the most arresting element, with long, doleful notes mixing and running like watercolour. Lieske's track was pretty spare, but Lawrence (AKA Peter Kersten) takes it to a whole new level with "The Swan." Basic percussion aside (miniature claps, a swishing hat), there's hardly anything happening. And yet he somehow makes it work. A single, sustained synth floats enchantingly through the track's mid-section with absolute grace. Judging by the title of the release, the starkness found in both tracks is wholly intentional. The "lower interests" are the pads and basic percussion, and the "greater administration" the duo's careful sculpting of sound.
  • Tracklist
      A Carsten Jost - Chateau Jalousie B Lawrence - The Swan