The Black Dog - Liber Chaos

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  • Uncompromising and prolific—this is the fifth instalment in their Liber series in 2011—The Black Dog remain a bridge between European techno's early roots and its future form. All six tracks are taken on by separate remixers, with The Black Dog's fellow Yorkshireman, Blawan, confirming that the hype around him is entirely merited. In his hands, "Black Chamber Orchestra" becomes an aural airborne assault, piledriving beats pinning the track to the floor before a stampede of chattering keys cut in and out. Better still is Shifted's take on "Heavy Industry," a pitch black, 3am belter, where squashed-up synths arrive on the scene of a trippy collision of echoing, cavernous rhythms. Other highlights include fellow Sheffield electronica pioneer, Richard H Kirk of Cabaret Voltaire, who offers up some fucked-up future breakbeat on his remix of "Greedy Gutter Guru," while Perc takes "Bass Mantra" at face value with a bloodied bout of flailing and booming industrial techno.
  • Tracklist
      01. Dissident Bleep (Sandwell District remix) 02. Black Chamber Order (Blawan remix) 03. High Rise Choir Reprise (Sigha remix) 04. Heavy Industry (Shifted remix) 05. Greedy Gutter Guru (Richard H Kirk remix) 06. Bass Mantra (Perc remix)