RA.085 Tobias Freund

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    Jan 8, 2008
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  • RA kicks off 2008 with something completely different: an experimental/post-punk mix from veteran producer Tobias Freund.
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  • Tobias Freund has been making music for twenty five years. Besides earning his crust as a hired studio gun, Tobias has a long resume of techno records to his name. Often these have been collaborations, as Sieg Über Die Sonne with Dandy Jack, as Atom™ & Pink Elln with Uwe Schmidt, as nsi. with Max Loderbauer, or most recently as Odd Machine with Ricardo Villalobos. Tobias also records solo, under the name Pink Elln for techno — don’t say it out loud in German, it’s rude — and Tobias for house (remember ‘Street Knowledge’?). All in all, this is a man that has made a huge variety of music from techno to house to neo-acid to experimental/classical records. Similarly, Tobias has torn up the rulebook for his RA Podcast. In a first for the series, RA.085 is a non-dance mix. Skipping back 25 years for the most part, Tobias' mix is a selection—drawn from an obviously fantastic record collection—that concentrates on experimental/post punk from the early eighties. Featuring XTC and Yellow Magic Orchestra offshoots, Gary Numan, Holger Czukay and a host of obscure avant garde records from the period, RA.085 is a bit of a lesson in dark, experimental machine music from the eighties. Lights down low for this one. What have you been working on recently? Right now I am working on the next Tobias release, which will be finished end of January. Parallel I am working with Max on some new nsi. music experiments. Where was the mix recorded? I recorded the mix in my living room. What are you up to next? I have to finish some remix requests, and after that I’ll focus on the slow beat project I started with my wife Cassy.
  • Tracklist
      01. Robert Fripp ‘Preface’ from Exposure [BGM, 1979] 02. Ryuichi Sakamoto ‘Milan 1909’ from Futurism [MIDI Inc., 1986] 03. Nash the Slash ‘Ylla’ from Dreams and Nightmares [Cut Throat Records, 1979] 04. WIR ‘Naked Whooping & Such Like’ from The First Letter [Mute, 1991] 05. Pyrolator ‘Nordatlantik’ from Inland [Ata Tak, 1979] 06. The Flying Lizards ‘Trouble’ [Virgin Records, 1980] 07. Andy Partridge ‘Shore Leave Ornithology (Another 1950)’ from Take Away [Virgin Records, 1980] 08. Les Vampyrettes ‘Biomutanten’ [EMI Electrola, 1985] 09. The Gadgets ‘Gevil's Dyke’ [Final Solution, 1980] 10. Baka Forest People ‘Heart of the Forest’ (A Capella) [Rykodisc, 1993] 11. Haruomi Hosono ‘Luminescent/Hotaru’ from Philharmony [Alfa Records, 1982] 12. Savant ‘The Neo-Realist’ [Pol Records, 1983] 13. Squarepusher ‘Vacuum Garden’ from Hello Everything [Warp, 2006] 14. Gary Numan ‘Cry the Clock Said’ from Dance [Beggars Banquet, 1981] 15. Dome ‘Keep It’ [Dome Records, 1980]