RA.812 Earl Jeffers

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    26 Dec 2021
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  • Old-school house from a UK standard-bearer.
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  • If you don't recognize the name Earl Jeffers right away, maybe you'll recognize his older alias, Chesus. Since 2012 the Cardiff producer has been pumping out powerful, groovy house—often swung, sometimes deep, other times about as subtle as a sledgehammer—for labels like Ten Thousand Yen and Gerd's 4 Lux. His sound has always been gleefully retro, cherry-picking elements from house eras and scenes past, but it's as Earl Jeffers that he's really worked out his own sound, a fantastic blend of '90s house, jazz and West London broken beat, culminating in the release of this year's Higher EP, recorded with the legend Kaidi Tatham. Higher came out on MELANGE, the label he started in 2015. Slowly but surely, the label has put out excellent, soulful house music featuring names like K15, Javonntte, Byron The Aquarius and Kofi (and each is usually accompanied by a thoughtful merch drop, inspired by a lifelong love of fashion and, in particular, streetwear). The Earl Jeffers RA Podcast plays a bit like an influences mix, starting off with '90s MK and weaving through tracks from First Choice, Larry Heard, Funkineven, Zopelar and more. It's a trip down memory lane sprinkled with newer tracks from artist who travel in the same circles as him—people who live, eat, breathe and sleep house music. What are you grateful for these days? A lot of the simpler things in life, like fam and food. Creating music in various styles. I couldn't imagine just making one type so it's healthy to experiment and exercise different approaches and techniques. So I'm grateful to have instruments and a space to do this must be included in the question I guess.  How and where was the mix recorded, and can you tell us the idea behind it? It was recorded at my home studio on a little two-channel rotary, some 1210s and an XDJ. I think two tracks were digi, the rest is all wax.  I just wanted to keep it to the bare bones set up like when I started. No effect, filters, bells and whistles. Just two channels and EQ. I think this forces you to concentrate on the tracks and where they go as opposed to keeping the ear intrigued with a smorgasbord of effects going off every five minutes. So I guess raw and to the point with this one. And some of my fave jams and producers from past and present.  What's one social or political cause you want the world to pay more attention to? The Yemen crisis appeal. Having family heritage from Yemen I feel it's a duty to put this link here with all that's going on there. War, disease, malnutrition, it goes on and on. I also donate 10 percent of merch sales to the charity, so whoever copped some MELANGE merch, big up for the support and know you also donated to a good cause, so much love.  Most of the releases on your label MELANGE come with a merchandise drop. What is the relationship between fashion and music for you, and why is it so important to you? Yes I have done that over the past few releases. They both go hand in hand with one another and seem to move in tandem. I've always been into both, from saving dinner money to buy wax and having a dad with decent style so would teef various garments out the wardrobe every now and again. Can't say it went down well when I got caught haha. Also having a label I feel merchandise is a cool addition, and having a release also helps with concepts for creating merch to coincide. As long as it looks good. Don't just put together some half assed idea to think it will generate you more money or exposure. Keep it thorough!!!  You've talked a lot about your love for jazz and growing up with jazz fusion. How do you incorporate those influences into your music? Yeah, it's one of, if not my favourite, styles overall. Mostly jazz fusion and funk is where my taste for it lies. I feel it's the main music where you get the most unexpected changes and progressions. Stuff that piques interest for me for sure. But this can get incorporated in some many other genres, and works great with house music. I wouldn't say I intentionally set out to make jazz-infused house music, but it's more the feeling when creating, what feels best or right to me, just nine out of ten times it will have them elements in there naturally.  What are you up to next? Straight back to studio. Cooking up music of various styles and some for my label MELANGE. Some to come in the new year along with some merch drops.
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      D-influence - Illusion MK dub Chez Damier - Your Love ft Leroy Burgess Kerri Chandler - Can’t You See Devin Morrison - No (BOOOM!!! Edit) First Choice - Love Thang (G.O.T edit) Jarren - Rewind Larry Heard - Corner Called Jazz Patrick Gibin & Kaidi Tatham - Lights Out River Ocean - Yemaya Y Ocun (Junior Boys Own Super Dub) Gigolo Supreme - After The Storm (Deja Vu dub) Logarhythm - Jungle (N.O.W mix) USG - Life 4 Living ft Monica Elam MCDE - SP 11 Funkineven - Chips Guy - Groove Me (KZR & Rekchampa mix) Lil Louis - Give It Up (M.A.W vocal mix) Zopelar - City Heart