RA.725 Rupture

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    20 Apr 2020
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  • Vital drum and bass from the London crew giving it a home.
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  • If you asked us to name the best drum & bass label going, Rupture would be one of the top candidates. Mantra & Double O's imprint and party has become a key source of the good stuff in all its forms: steely minimalism, choppage, breakbeat stormers and old-school bangers. (Their breaks-focused Planets series is essential listening.) What feels most refreshing about Rupture is how it has created an inclusive community all its own, one that welcomes every corner of drum & bass, producers and DJs both young and old. Rupture defines itself by not having much of a definition. The only criteria is good drum & bass, which has brought in a wide variety of producers like Pessimist, Forest Drive West, Sully and more. Rupture has already had a lasting effect on the scene in London and beyond. Jungle veteran J Majik was so inspired by the old-school vibes of a Rupture event he played, he created a career-best comeback album. The duo's mix has a similarly old-school feel, but it's not exactly retro—what feels classic is the all-over-the-place selections, the kind of strange brew you would get during the genre's peak years, when innovation and adventurism were key. Sub-genres live in harmony in the Rupture duo's mix, where new and vintage collide in the best of ways. It's drum & bass at its most vital. What have you been up to recently? We've got two little boys so lockdown is keeping us maxed out during the day! Double O has been making a lot of music and binging on YouTube tutorials. In all honesty we've only just got our heads back into gear with the label. We've had family members that haven't been well and it's been such a huge adjustment for everyone that focusing on the label wasn't a priority. The last couple of weeks however have been really productive and we're back on track and looking forward to getting some amazing music out this year. How and where was the mix recorded? At home using two CDJ-2000s, two Technics 1210s and our old battered but ever faithful Allen & Health Xone:32. Can you tell us about the idea behind the mix? We wanted it to represent all the different sides of Rupture. We've included some oldskool classics from Peshay and Bukem, Rupture anthems like "Acid Rain (Breakage VIP)" and also a few forthcoming bits. RuptureLDN is often held up as one of the best drum & bass events, and now labels, going. What was the intention when you started the party and how has the ethos evolved over the years? Cheers, we started because we wanted to contribute to the culture. We wanted to build a night where there was community around it and we've been really fortunate to achieve that. We've always had the ethos of keep your head down, keep grafting, keep pushing and booking the artists we believe in. We're not focused on a strategy for world domination or increasing our social media followers, it's about keeping things authentic while pushing new artists. We of course want to evolve but the fundamental aim is to keep the essence of Rupture undiluted. What kinds of drum & bass excite you guys, and what are you looking for in the artists and records you release? First and foremost it has to move us. We have a broad taste from minimal dubbed-out styles to tear-out Amen choppage. There are so many incredible producers who keep inspiring us both personally with our own music and also in terms of Rupture. Most of the artists on our label are now good friends, we're a close knit community! What are you up to next? Next up we've got a release from The Untouchables, a duo from Belgium followed by an EP from Coco Bryce. Double O's album is also very close to completion. It's been tricky as some days it feels off-kilter thinking about releasing music and other days we're so glad to have to it as a focus and a break from being parents! It might be six to 12 months before we can all be on the dance floor again and we can't just stop releasing music. It's just such a shame it’s going to be a while before the artists feel the fruits of their labour on the dance floor, where it belongs. We've been listening to so much music at home so hopefully when we do release tracks it will bring some joy into people's homes.
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      Forest Drive West - Mechanism D bridge - Dead Peak Es:tereo - Perception The Untouchables - Baiana Amit - Roots Instra:mental - Rogue Photek - Resolution Nucleus and Paradox - Esoteric Funk P2 Spirit - Spray Can Satl - Untitled Nico - Lo Coco Bryce - Unseen Double O - Rare groove Forest Drive West - Nothing Else Equinox - Acid Rain - (Breakage) Theory - Rastafari Outer Heaven - All Headz Coco Bryce - Rising High DJ Nut Nut & Pure Science - The Rumble (Boom Shaka Mix) Peshay and Bukem - 19.05 Source Direct - Release The Bells