RA.701 Pandora's Jukebox

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    Nov 4, 2019
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  • An inventive exploration of slower tempos.
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  • If you're looking for a primer on Yasmina Dexter's work as Pandora's Jukebox, you could do worse than check her first NTS show. She uses the ice-cold abstraction of Pan Sonic as a launch ramp for slowed-down minimal techno, in this case a Sandwell District-era Function cut chugging at a glacial 100 BPM. But we enter stranger territory when, without causing commotion, we pirouette into an FKA Twigs edit—just the first of numerous unlikely but gracefully executed blends. Then downtempo Plastikman leads us to a string of industrial and post-punk cuts (think D.A.F., This Mortal Coil, Throbbing Gristle). There's even a mix joining Romanian minimal maestro Petre Inspirescu with Arca. This slow-paced but diverse approach is also reflected in Dexter's gigs. She appears on underground bills like Beneath's NO SYMBOLS party or alongside Toulouse Low Trax at Salon Des Amateurs but also opens for bands like of Einstürzende Neubauten and HTRK. More conspicuously, she also DJs for the like of Rick Owens. The last point is telling—Dexter's background is in fashion, and her mixing style and sense of musical theatre begins to make more sense picturing the catwalks' slow moving fantasies. RA.701 further crystallises her approach, using lower tempos to reveal the common energies joining the likes of Coil, Mika Vainio and Kinlaw. What have you been up to recently? The highlights from last month or so have been playing at Centre Pompidou Paris for Rick Owens and HTRK new album launch at Fold playing alongside Trevor Jackson, Anika and Ossia was awesome. I collaborated with Bohinc studio on the soundtrack for Lunar House furniture exhibition and lets not forget my monthly NTS show. How and where was the mix recorded? Mix was made in Forest Hill on Ableton live, as I like to work on remastering, re editing, layering textures and loops, perhaps repitch etc. Can you tell us about the idea behind the mix? The content and sound structures are unpredictable, but it has to feel intimate. It's a sound to enjoy in solitude, or to listen to with friends, setting the atmosphere for all sorts of conversations. So, I guess the plan is to be magic and, primarily, to have fun making it. Your website showcases your sound design work for various short films. Have you ever considered releasing full productions? Stay tuned. How has your experience playing art and fashion events impacted your approach to DJing? When it comes to music I've always been unbiased and have no boundaries approaching new projects. People are people whatever the scene, it's always been in my nature not to limit myself. That taught me how to feel diverse scenarios and how to woo each in unique way, not only art / fashion but also for example, playing in the darkroom in a fetish club or playing for GAF x Extinction Rebellion on the pink boat docked in the centre of Oxford Circus was pretty surreal and emotional, to Dusseldorf's Kunstakademie graduation party, where students collectively chipped in to pay for my flight and their tutor gave me his art piece in exchange for my set. We had a moment, you know? The unexpected and very personal. I like it like that. What are you up to next? I'm working on a remix, also this month playing I'm playing in Berlin, Madrid, Stockholm and LA.
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      51717 - ????? Alva Noto - Prototype 06 Karamika - TON 2.1 Jeff Pils - Montiert D.A.F. - Ich und die Wirklichkeit Parris - Puro Rosaceaes Tessela - Helter Skelter Rrose - Cricoid Pressure Deep Dimension - Audio Space Bogger - Mineral Clara! - Acero F1K - B1 unknown Yello - Heavy Whispers Alix Perez - Poison Ivy Emma DJ - Ende Uotro Minor Science - Naturally Spineless Renegade Soundwave - On TV Ago - Deer Dub Coil - Blood From The Air (Early Instrumental) DJ Neumann - Rare Appearance Alva Noto - Prototype 03 Biosphere - Kobresia Bambounou - Handd Kinlaw - Rake Jonathan William Scherk - Oh softer user48736353001 - 5 jap flute energy rave Katsunori Sawa - Strange Hell Jonathan William Scherk - You Make (Leave) Me Speechless Emma DJ - Hit the Credit Karamika - TON 2.2 Ø - Vastus Jon Hassell - Blues Nile