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    Jan 13, 2014
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  • Blistering techno and beyond.
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  • AnD's records are as flinty and brutal as anything you're likely to find this side of gabba. The Manchester duo's propulsive, distorted brand of techno places them among the current crop of UK producers combining sheer force with groove and funk. Their fascination with the harder end of techno can be traced back to their 2011 Untitled 12-inch on Black Sun Records—an unapologetically banging release with kick drums that ran hot like a soldering iron across sheet metal. Since then they've appeared on labels such as Modal Analysis, Brothers and Delsin offshoot Ann Aimee, with each record seemingly crammed with more force than the one before. Kundalini, their latest EP, is released this week through Electric Deluxe. RA.398 is a celebration of this harder, faster approach, with tracks from the duo's contemporaries alongside vintage cuts from Regis, Jeff Mills and Robert Hood. What have you been up to recently? We've been busy experimenting in the studio, playing loads of interesting gigs and concentrating on our label—Inner Surface Music that we run with Tom Dicicco—for 2014. How and where was the mix recorded? The mix was recorded on Ableton at our studio late on a Friday night. We spent a lot of time routing through our music trying to pull together tracks that we felt represented our sets and music that we really love. We only play vinyl in clubs so we spent some time recording older records that we wanted to include in the mix. Can you tell us about the idea behind the mix? The idea behind the mix was to make it high paced and full of energy. We wanted it to represent what we do in the club, but also to cover a lot of styles within the sound that we love. We asked some friends for unreleased music and incorporated it with music we've been playing in clubs and also with some older favourites. How would assess the Manchester techno scene at the moment? The techno scene in Manchester is still very underground. Even though a lot of people are into techno it doesn't necessarily mean that they will go to a club to listen to it. There are a few nights that really push the sounds that we are into, like Adapt, Faktion, Me And You, Bohemian Grove and, for the more experimental end of things, Gesamtkunstwerk have been putting on some great parties over the last year. A little over a year ago you told Little White Earbuds about how your productions were becoming harder and harder. Is this still where your heads are at in the studio? We do like our aggressive sounds, no matter what the genre. We definitely have a lot more territory to experiment with when it comes to the harder sounds. You can still make hard industrial music that has a groove and a funk to it. What are you up to next? Next up we have our debut release for Electric Deluxe, which we are really excited about! We have been massive fans of Speedy J since the '90s, when he was releasing on Warp and Plus8, so it was a real honour when he asked us to release on the label.
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      Ø - Unien Holvit - Sähkö Recordings Yves De Mey - Disperse - Semantica Ancient Methods v Kareem - Da¦êmmerung der Parhelia (Kareem Interpretation) - Fondation Sonore Monrella - Scat - ZET Gaja - A2 - Repitch recordings Sunil Sharpe - Ground Skull Dust - Violet Poison Raoul Delgado - Unknown - Sheep Records Vapauteen - You'll Get Used To It - L.I.E.S British Murder Boys - Be Lie I Am - Counterbalance Florian Kupfer - This Society - L.I.E.S Truss - Kymin Lea - Unreleased Violet Poison - A2 - Repitch Recordings These Hidden Hands - Khelium (SHXCXCHHCXSH Remix) - Hidden Hundred Shapednoise - Until Human Voices Wake Us - Opal tapes Samuel Kerridge - Death Is Upon Us - Downwards Kangding Ray - Transitional Ballistics - Raster Noton Sendai - EP2010-4 - Time To Express Jeff Mills - Enemy Spy Surfaces - Axis Sleeparchive - 6 - Tresor Regis - HE/2 - Downwards Stanislav Tolkachev - Dog Saves Dog - Semantica Ancient Methods - Kings and Pawns - Ancient Methods Hexagon - Spectral Analysis - Transcendent Karlist - Hexagonal - Russian Torrent Versions Container - Slush - Liberation Technologies Tinfoil - Foil 1 - Unreleased Stave - Tower 9 (Isreal Vines Remix) - Trensmat Surgeon - Midnight Club Tracks Part 1 - Counterbalance AnD - The Jellyfish - Electric Deluxe Robert Hood - SH-101 - M Plant Fausten - Evisceration (Ontal Remix) - Ad Noiseam Obscurum - Dom - E-COM Lakker - Night Tears - Unreleased Four Tet - Kool FM (Container Remix) - Text Records D Carbone - Asynthetic - Inner Surface Music Ø - Atomit - Sähkö Recordings Regis - Allies - Downwards Inigo Kennedy - VHSK II - Token Records Umek - Untitled - Expire T++ - Worn Down - Not On Label Jeff MIlls - Cloak - Axis Regis - Adolescence - Downwards Pete Swanson - Pleasure Averse - Submit Time machines - 5-Methoxy-N,N-Dimethyl (5-Me0-DMT) - Eskaton Eomac - Charon - Unreleased Keith Fullerton Whitman - Generator_3 - Root Strata