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    Oct 3, 2011
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  • Balearic vibes, straight from the island.
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  • Luca C & Brigante may be Italian, but it's Spain—specifically Ibiza—that they have on their collective mind. The duo have already crafted one of the year's most sun-drenched singles in "Different Morals," and will continue with the Balearic vibes on the forthcoming Invisible Cities EP on Southern Fried. They come by it honestly. Brigante, AKA Sebastiano Properzi, has lived in Ibiza for nearly a decade, and cosmic synths and a bit of rock music have always found a place in the Italian clubbing landscape anyway. (Just ask Daniele Baldelli.) On their mix for RA, they've captured that feeling expertly, bringing you through tracks both obvious and not for a perfect end-of-summer comedown. What have you been up to recently? Sebastiano: We have just finished a session for the album with Martin Craft and the next few days we will be working with Zeb Jameson (A Mountain of One). Also, we have been both collaborating on more music with Ali Love on two separate projects. Luca and Ali have been working on a new project called Infinity Inc. The first release will come out on Hot Creations in the next couple of months and the second one on Crosstown Rebels. Ali and I have been working on a few dance floor tracks for an Ali Love release on No.19. Not decided if it will be a full EP yet, but look out for the Jungle track if you get a chance to listen to an Art Department DJ set. They've been rinsing it lately. How and where was the mix recorded? Can you tell us about the idea behind the mix? Sebastiano: The mix was recorded in Ibiza where we've been doing most of the recording for Invisible Cities. It is basically a tight selection of songs from the playlists we were listening to while working on the music with the additional analogue embellishment here and there to make the whole thing flow. There are a few classic artists on the mix that sometimes get left out of mixes because of their mainstream appeal. We tried not to let their status influence our selection. If we loved the songs enough, they stayed in the mix. In retrospect I guess it is an atmosphere that ties all those songs together. There is a certain blissful haze surrounding the mix which reflects our head space during those months and what we were trying to achieve with Invisible Cities. We understand that your edits EP on Double Drop was an effort to draw attention to '70s Italian songwriting. Could you elaborate? Luca: Those two tracks are re-edits of songs by two of my favorite Italian artists of the '60s/'70s : Lucio Battisti and Fabrizio De Andre. My father used to play their music, and I kept listening to them growing up. These guys never had any exposure/success outside of Italy so I thought it would be a nice idea to add a bit of our own feel to them and bring them to a new audience. Why did you chose Ibiza as the location in which to write your album? Sebastiano: There is more than one reason. Firstly I have lived on the island for the most part of the past ten years; it's my home and where our studio is. But also we were trying to tap into a certain moment in time and space in which Ibiza was a key element. Like it is today in the world of club culture, there was a moment in the late '60s and early '70s, when the island was part of the European cultural and musical theatre. You know Pink Floyd were out here working on Barbet Schroeder's soundtrack to the film More, Bob Marley, the Stones... they were coming out on adventures, to look for magic, to explore the boundaries. And they found all the magic they were looking for.... People still find it today. What are you up to next? Sebastiano: Finishing off the LP for Southern Fried is definitely the priority. A full band live show is still in an embryonic stage, but is certainly something that will take up lots of our time in the near future. Also I am working on a very special Italian EP with Roisin Murphy. Having worked with her on a song for the album I discovered she is a bit of an Italian-ist too—certainly capable of the drama associated with divas such as Mina or Patty Pravo! We have started with a cover version of a song that my uncle wrote for Mina in 1969. She is singing in Italian!
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      Neu! - Seeland The Eagles - King of Hollywood Pluto - Into A Totally Different Race Durutti Column - Sketch for Summer GAG - Flyin´ Bolero Fleetwood Mac - Hypnotise Bon Iver - Towers White Noise - Firebird Pink Floyd - Fearless Luca C & Brigante - On a Star Tangerine Dream - Cloudburst Flight John Martyn - Big Muff The Byrds - Moog Raga The KLF - Elvis on the Radio Spacemen 3 - Feel So Good The Woodentops - You Make Me Feel (Late Night Version)