RA.234 Terror Danjah

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    Nov 22, 2010
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  • The scene's godfather looks to the future of grime on this week's RA podcast.
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  • Of all the hardcore continuum's many tributaries, grime has kept the lowest profile outside of the UK—although one of the scene's original innovators has been triumphantly addressing that fact this year. Terror Danjah was initially associated with the pioneering Nasty Crew out of East London and latterly the Aftershock crew. He's produced seminal genre workouts like " Love Is Here to Stay," "Cock Back" and "Creepy Crawler," many of which were collected on last year's Gremlinz compilation through Planet Mu. Danjah continued to work with Mike Paradinas' trailblazing imprint this year, putting out the excellent Power Grid EP in July, while his fresh instrumental explorations were further expanded upon via November's Undeniable LP through Hyperdub. The sound of his artist album proper is nicely indicative of his 60-minute mix for us: garage, dubstep, house, rave and classic grime combine alchemically to produce something that very often feels not of any genre. What have you been up to recently? I've just finished my album on Hyperdub entitled Undeniable. I feel alive again. I'm writing new material on the go, something I haven't done before. I normally make tunes on my studio PC using Cubase 5 at home, but recently I've been using my MacBook Pro loaded with Logic 9 and Reason 5 rewired. Don't get me wrong, I still use Cubase, but Logic has given me a new lease of life. I'm making tunes like how I use to in the golden Aftershock days. How and where was the mix recorded? The mix was recorded at mine. I used the Vestax and Serato VCI 300 Itch controller, MacBook Pro i5 and recorded the mix into my Quad PC using Cubase 5. Can you tell us a little bit more about the idea behind the mix? There's no mad thought process behind it. I loaded up my laptop with music I like, and also I wanted showcase mine and other music I would potentially play. What are you up to next? Well, I don't wanna say too much—the wise old Kode9 has taught me to be silent but deadly! I've launched my own imprint, Hardrive, and have already released the first release by D.O.K, Golden Axe EP, which features club smash "Missing Step" featuring Sir Spyro. DJing is relatively new for you. What motivated your decision to start and how has it been working out so far? Well, actually I started off my career as a DJ at 12 years-old at house parties. I decided to stop DJing in 2001 and start taking production seriously. It wasn't until Joker pointed out how DJing was the best way to promote music and make a good source of income [that I started again]. In the past year or so you've released your debut artist album and a retrospective compilation amid several other releases; what's it like to suddenly be in the spotlight and recognized for your work? Erm, it's weird to be unnoticed, then everyone recognising my music. Don't get me wrong it's great, but I take it with a pinch of salt, cos it can all change tomorrow. Your mix includes housier material by the likes of Deep Teknologi and Ill Blu; what do you think of this new wave of UK house and how does it fit in with grime music? I've done a few housey tracks on my album, and I think tracks like "Breaking Bad" featuring House Don producer Baby Face Jay fit the bill. To be honest, I think UK Funky sounds like early forms of Grime anyway. [laughs].
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      Terror Danjah ft D Double E - Undeniable - Hyperdub Terror Danjah - Minimal Dub - Hyperdub Spooky DJ - Spartan (Terror Danjah) - CDR P Jam - Samba - CDR Admiral Bailey - Jump Up (Terror Danjah remix) - Greensleeves Records Terror Danjah - S.O.S - Hyperdub Terror Danjah - Bipolar VIP - Butterz Dub Swindle, Rude Kid, Terror Danjah & Wizzy Wow - Tag - CDR Terror Danjah ft Bruza - Leave Me Alone - Hyperdub Royal T - Orangeade - Butterz Redlight - MDMA - CDR Joe - Claptrap - Hessle Audio Terror Danjah & D.O.K - Peanut Punch - Rwina Mz Bratt (Terror Danjah special) - Selecta - Soul 2 Streets P Jam - Anger Management - CDR Terror Danjah (D Double E) - Power Grid - Planet Mu D.O.K - Dokument 2012 - Hardrive D.O.K & Sir Sypro - Missing Step - Hardrive Oo Aa Ee - TRC - Butterz Terror Danjah & Illmana - Screama - Hardrive Teddy Music - Sambucca - CDR Terror Danjah & Baby Face Jay - Breaking Bad - Hyperdub Deep Teknologi - CDR DJ Pioneer & DJ Supa D - Congo Natty - A.O.M Records Apple - African Man Said - Absolute Recordings Ill Blu (Terror Danjah special) - Blu Magic - CDR Terror Danjah - I'm Feelin U - Hyperdub Magnum Force - Litlle Ride - Hardrive Virgo - Mega Man - CDR Rude Kid - Screwdriver - No Hats No Hoods Teddy Music - Blackstars - Wow Bass D.O.K - Golden Axe - Hardrive D.O.K - Akuma - Dokument Vol1 Joker & Terror Danjah - Gully Goon Estate Wookie - Spider - Man Chu Magnum Force - Twilight - Hardrive