RA.167 Matias Aguayo

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    10 Aug 2009
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  • The Comeme boss showcases the BumBumBox vibe on this week's RA podcast.
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  • Whatever expectations that you have of an electronic music producer who spent their formative years in Cologne, Matias Aguayo is sure to confound them beyond question. This is partly down to his South American roots and corresponding musical upbringing, but instead of marking himself as an outsider in the city's artistic community, Aguayo's oddball charms and idiosyncrasies were embraced by Cologne's techno elite. After releasing his first record as Zimt with Kompakt kingpin Michael Mayer, Aguayo started up his Closer Musik partnership with Dirk Leyers. The outfit may have been short lived, but tracks such as "Maria" or the clubland lullaby that is "One Two Three No Gravity" still stand tall as some of the finest work that has ever appeared on Kompakt. Matias has also collaborated with Markus Rossknecht as Broke, but in recent years it's been his solo work that has marked him as a producer to watch. After the melodic minimalism and low slung grooves of the Are You Really Lost? album and his first EP for Soul Jazz, Aguayo took an about turn, injecting a heavy dose of fun into his music and managing to lampoon the current minimal techno trends in the process. His new Cómeme (which literally translates as "eat me") imprint is an extension of his new direction, and also a byproduct of his typically unusual BumBumBox parties. By taking to the streets with no more than an MP3 player and a few portable stereos, Aguayo and his fellow BumBumBox posse have been creating spontaneous street parties in cities across Europe and South America, with this week's RA podcast giving us a bit of insight into what goes down when the BumBumBox crew crank it up. And, of course, what he'll be offering up when he takes to the decks at RA's stage at the upcoming edition of Eastern Electrics on August 30th. What have you been working on recently? I have been working on my album, which is ready now and will be called Ay Ay Ay!!. It will come out in October on Kompakt. Also I have been preparing together with friends a small tour we will do with artists of our Cómeme label throughout Europe, with Rebolledo, Djs Pareja, Diegors, Christian S, Capracara, Korkut Elbay. Also, I've kept on working together with Gary Pimiento on the label work to make it deeper, and take it to next levels, etc. Getting the artists who live in different places to play together is also part of this process... Where and how was the mix recorded? I did the mix on the computer, travelling. I combined mostly rhythms of Cómeme friends with mine, some unreleased riddims, mashing up tracks we did, but also using some tracks by other people, Ku Nice from Cabo Verde, Luis Cuellar from Colombia, and also I grabbed the mic and jammed a little on top and played some rhythms... Can you tell us a little about the idea behind the mix? To introduce the music of friends and me and tracks we like, stuff not many people might know. And also to make something you can play this set from your computer at home, and dance to it with friends. I hope people will enjoy it! How did Cómeme come about? The street parties look like a lot of fun. How do you describe the vibe of the label? In actual dance music it has become more and more difficult to find stuff that fits into our sets, so my friends and me started to give each other tracks we could play. They were very much inspired by the street parties (bumbumbox). Once we had so many, we decided to release them, first just by publishing them in the web, via videos and a MySpace site. Later people asked for the stuff on vinyl, so we decided to release it. What are you up to next? I am about to go to Cologne, where I will wait for my friends to arrive. We'll do our label night for the c/o pop festival, and afterwards we'll travel together through Europe. And I am very happy also about the Rebolledo 12-inch that is to come out on Cómeme soon.
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      Rebolledo & Daniel Maloso - Encuerado Christian S - Jagos Matias Aguayo ft. Aza Zander- I Was In Love Diegors - El Loco Diegors Ku Nice - Voce Voce Phresh Phantasy - Come On Acid Kaoss Papi - Volandonos Matias Aguayo - Veneno Sanfuentes & Aguayo - El Faso Police Luis Cuellar - La Guitarra Taquillera Djs Pareja - Spanish Is Beautiful (Cómeme mix) Diegors - Dembow Abc Matias Aguayo - 2009 Matias Aguayo - Some Rhythms Mixed With Don Chezina Sanfuentes & Aguayo - Cómeme Ay