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    Nov 3, 2008
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  • This week's RA podcast comes from US house stalwart Jus-Ed, recorded at his home in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
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  • A somewhat late starter as far as his productions go, Jus-Ed (real name Edward McKeithen) has been in the game for longer than most of you have been present on this planet. Starting his DJ career at the age of ten, he found himself playing 45's at family house parties as an excuse to stay up past his bedtime. After establishing himself as an in-demand DJ in his home town, Ed decided to give up DJing due to a combination of substance abuse and business dealings gone awry. It wasn't until the turn of the millennium that he decided to return to the world of music, after encouragement from Pittsburgh's DJ Vic Money persuaded him to come out of retirement. Together they started to throw parties under the Underground Quality name, and the label was launched a few years later in 2005. Whilst the label serves mostly as a vehicle for his own raw house grooves, Ed is also keen to use UQ as a platform for his favourite artists to gain more exposure. Russian deep house producer AntonZap has made quite a name for himself through Jus-Ed's advocacy, and you can find a couple of his tracks on this very podcast. Elsewhere in the mix you'll find forthcoming cuts from Dial head honcho Lawrence, Lerosa and Jus-Ed himself; all blended in with a fine selection of cuts old and new. Unlike his weekly radio show for myhouse-yourhouse.net, Ed eschews his usual brand of charismatic banter to let the tunes do the talking in this sumptuous mix of bumpin' deepness. We caught up with Ed by e-mail to chat about landscaping, his talented son and his plans for the rest of the year. What have you been working on recently? A CD set for the Unity Kolabo 005 Part 1-5, an EP with myself and DJ Qu also on Underground Quality, launching an mp3 store on the Underground Quality website and a remix project for a mystery lady out of Russia. I've also just got the UQ CD manufacturing plant off the ground in an endeavour to make CDs a lot cheaper for my supporters. Taking care of my family, running my landscaping business, playing gigs around Europe & the US. I continue to do the Underground Quality radio show, every Wednesday from midnight UK time on MyHouse YourHouse. How's the landscaping business going? Not good because of the high gas prices and economy—no one has any money. Have you reached the point where you're just doing estimates yet? Ha! No, not yet... Where and how was the mix recorded? The mix was recorded in my home studio in Bridgeport, Connecticut at 3 AM whilst the kids were sleeping. The mix incorporates vinyl and CDs with a Pioneer DJM 500 mixer, 2 x Technics 1200's and 2 x Pioneer CD-J's 200, recorded to a Tascam standalone. Can you tell us a little about the mix? This is just one variation of the style of house music I play, which is different from me playing live, as I don't think that one can fully encapsulate what one is all about on a CD mix. This shit has got be live! I need people in front of me. I feed off that energy, man! When you started DJing again, you said that you only had seven records. How many do you have now? I got 9............ x 1000. Hahahaha! How do you feel about your son becoming the youngest person to put a house track out? (Ed's son Destin had a track on a UQ compilation that he made when he was 2 ½ years old) Ah, it's just a father thing. I'm happy but I don't go around bragging. He is gifted so I felt I would put it out. Who knows? Maybe it will get licensed to a big movie soundtrack... Then he can pay for his own education! Is the house scene in Connecticut going strong? In little spots here and there. Parties are going on and they have a good following. There's Family Sessions in Norwalk CT, Flipside in Hartford CT and Party Like A Rock Star. Brian Carter & John Hunter do a few underground parties as well. What are you up to next? There will be an Underground Quality night at Tape Club in Berlin on the 5th of December with Dj Qu & Fred P, and I'll be in London on the 13th of December at Süd Electronic's Yuletide Knees Up.
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      01. The Rhythm Slaves - Life Music Pt. 2 - Ündo Music 02. AntonZap - Do It - Underground Quality 03. Jus-Ed - The Wind Up - Underground Quality 04. Wouldbenice - One Cell - Vidab 05. Lerosa - Triage - Quintessentials 06. Slowhouse - Three A2 - Slowhouse Recordings 07. Ibex - Spiritual War - Third Ear 08. AntonZap - Basement Groover - Quintessentials 09. Benjamin Brunn - Südvorstadt - United States Of Mars 10. Mike Huckaby - Wavetable No.9 - S Y N T H 11. Lawrence - Miles - Dial 12. Levon Vincent - These Games - Novel Sounds 13. Jus-Ed - Some New Shit Dub - Underground Quality 14. David Alvarado - Aurora - Rated X Records