RA.009 Oliver Hacke

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    1 May 2006
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  • Our ninth Resident Advisor Podcast comes from the Vampire von Dusseldorf, Oliver Hacke.
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  • A long standing member of the Traum/Trapez family of labels, Hacke's productions blend tight intricate rhythms, rich instrumental detail and synthetic sounds into a compelling whole, designed for the dancefloor. His debut album Subject Carrier released on Trapez showcases the magical and emotive microhouse for which the labels have become acclaimed. As a DJ Oliver demonstrates the same ability to fuse many of the varied elements of house and techno together, creating lush excursive sets. RA politely interrupted Oliver's studies to learn of his recent activity... What have you been working on recently? I am currently in the final period of my studies in the US so there is not much time for producing right now. I also cannot really stand to do music solely with a laptop. I need some knobs and faders otherwise it doesn’t work out. The only thing I am doing musically at the moment is to collect sounds and ideas in brief to work on after my return to Germany in summer. When I was in Germany for Christmas I took time to renew my studio. Now there still is some analogue stuff inside but most gets converted to digital rather soon and stays digital from then on. Since then I have not had much time to work with my new equipment due to lots of shows during the break. I will have to see when I get back in June how much more or less comfortable the new environment is. My plans for doing music are to continue to do more house-related stuff and deep, experimental dance music as Oliver Hacke but also maintain the "Vampire von Dusseldorf" alias. The latter will focus on the club at prime time, on sweat, sin, basically rocking stuff I want to hear and play at 3AM in a crowded, sweaty club; stuff that can be conveniently mixed with (and holds its own against) all kinds of techno. Where was the mix recorded? Hehe, I did it last night in my bedroom! Especially for RA. It's more a "mixtape-mix" than a club set I guess… an iPod-rave. I hope you like it. What are you up to next? I will go to Bangalore, India, in mid-May to finish my studies there. In mid-June I will return to Europe. I am looking forward to see my old friends again - some of whom I have not seen for a year by now. Finally, I will be able to do music again. I am very curious to see if I have forgotten how to do it. The only thing I know is that I can still remember most of the midi controller numbers of my synthesizer - so I am very optimistic! Tracklist Theo Parrish - Shifting Sands, Sound Signature Ricardo Villalobos - Ichso, Cadenza Amplified People - Ford Capri, OD Records Oliver Hacke - Amateur ChitChat, A Touch of Class Audio Werner - Trust, Hartchef Shane Berry - Filtertet 2, Trapez Limited Stefan Goldmann - Blood, Perlon Break 3000 - Lights, MBF Taksi - Bordell (Guido Schneider remix), Taksi Marek Bois - BoisBoisBois, Trapez Brett Johnson - Stop Making Sense, Hi-Phen (a) Pendics Shuffle - Dirty Bed, Adjunct Adam Kroll - Godzilla, Traum Argy - Night Ritual pt 2, Poker Flat Der 3.Raum - Doppel, Paloma Ryan Crosson - Say So, Trapez Limited Moodymann - Untitled, KDJ Oliver Hacke - Subject Carrier (Alex Under remix), Trapez Swimmingpool - Carpet Sweeper, Combination We are - We are 002, WRR Thomas Brinkmann - Charleston, Max Ernst