Aril Brikha accuses Shlomi Aber of plagiarism

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    Thu, 17 Jul 2008, 06:54
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  • The Swedish producer doesn't like the sound of Aber's 'Efrat.'
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  • Aril Brikha has accused Israeli techno producer Shlomi Aber of plagiarism. The famed Detroit devotee was reportedly e-mailed by a fan, pointing out the similarity between Aber's recent b-side 'Efrat' and his own 'Groove La Chord'. After comparing the two, Brikha took the matter to the court of public opinion and posted a long message to his blog on MySpace. After elucidating how close the songs were, including a unique off-beat chord that appears in both, Brikha then got a bit nasty:
    "apparently, as so nicely written in his bio...not only has dance music chosen israel for its vacation. it has apparently also lost its integrity there."
    Ouch. This is the internet, so it was only a matter of time before Aber showed up to the party in the comments, defending himself thusly:
    "the sound may be a bit sounds on the same idea , but i guess he also used the same preset . I can say the same about million other tracks I found on the net which contains sounds From my tracks, which means , that if we using preset we don’t Owens them , if you check carefully you can find million other tracks Which used with the same preset, though non of them is tagged as "Shlomi Aber" and didn’t pull the fire in. I wonder what of the german producers wav will say about it , as they all use the same moog's bass and machines."
    While we're still processing exactly what that means Brikha apparently ran it through Google Translator and was not impressed, responding:
    "when it comes to these millions of tracks being THAT similar to groove la really curious on hearing them. as i mentioned before...i have NEVER made a statement like this to any other similar tracks...until now."
    As of press time, the threat of legal action has been hinted at, but RA could not confirm that any suits had been filed.
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