Burial releases Untrue

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    Tue, 16 Oct 2007, 12:00
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  • UK dubstepper Burial announces a release date for his much anticipated second album.
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  • UK dubstepper Burial announces the release of his second album. 'Untrue' is out in early November. Burial's identity remains a mystery, and he has still no plans to take his music out in the clubs, but acclaim for his self-titled 2006 debut was always going to guarantee 'Untrue' would be one of the most anticipated albums of the year. 'Burial' was a surprise success even outside of dubstep circles, finding favour with both electronic and non-electronic fans for its low-key, moody atmospherics, but this time around, Burial promises to be a bit less gloomy, incorporating female vocals, 2Step rhythms and muted optimism into the ambience. "This one is a bit more buzzin', glowy. It's a bit more uplifting," says Burial in an interview with Kode9. "It has more little bits of vocals glowing in it, flickering around and burning in the tune, messed with." Watch out for also for a Burial 12" titled 'Stairwell/Feral Witchchild', which will arrive on Hyperdub in February 2008. Tracklist CD 1. Untitled 2. Archangel 3. Near Dark 4. Ghost Hardware 5. Endorphin 6. Etched Headplate 7. In Mcdonalds 8. Untrue 9. Shell Of Light 10. Dog Shelter 11. Homeless 12. UK 13. Raver 2x12" A1. Raver A2. Etched Headplate B1. Homeless B2. Shell of Light C1. Untrue C2. UK C3. Endorphin D1. Archangel D2. Near Dark 'Untrue' by Burial will be released on Hyperdub on November 5th, 2007.