Prins Thomas mixes Cosmo Galactic Prism

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    Tue, 1 May 2007, 18:15
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  • The Norwegian spaceman reaches for the outer limits of the dancefloor on his debut mix CD.
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  • Norwegian spaceman Prins Thomas reaches for the outer limits of the dancefloor on his debut mix CD. ‘Cosmo Galactic Prism’ arrives in June. Alongside his pal Lindstrøm, Prins Thomas is Norway’s primary leftfield disco exporter these days. Thomas has a background as a bass player in different projects, ranging from punk bands to folk and psychedelia, but he gave all that up for DJing, production and remixing - recently he’s knocked off rethinks of tracks by Blackjoy, Justus Köhncke and Simian Mobile Disco to name a few. His debut mix CD is 38 tracks of super-eclectic sounds that make a dancefloor meal out of prog rock (Hawkwind), fifties electronics (Joe Meek), krautrock (Holger Czukay), techno (Soylent Green, Tres Demented), Cologne minimal (Closer Musik), jazz (Bob James), funk (Parliament) and a lot of other flavours which we’re only dimly aware of. How did you squeeze that lot onto 2CDs, Prins? “I had to edit down the length of some of the tracks after the final mix. Some light trickery and magic were also used...and just a little bit of voodoo.” Far out. So is there a grand concept behind the mix? “Remember, this ain't rocket science,” explains Thomas. “It's a mixture of old and new favourites, some you might have heard already and hopefully some that are new to you. I tried as much as possible to make an interesting mix of individual tracks that still had some kind of feel and flow to it.” ‘Cosmo Galactic Prism’ tracklist CD 1 01. Joe Meek And The Blue Men - I Hear A New World 02. Area Code 615 - Devil Weed And Me 03. Crue-L Grand Orchestra - Candymountain In The Rainywoods (HF Steelguitarapella + Original Mix) 04. Glissandro 70 - Bolan Muppets 05. Holger Czukay - Cool In The Pool 06. Bjørn Torske - Soloppgang Over Yukigaya 07. Rey De Copas - Frontera Del Ensueno (Grid Caramba Dub) 08. The Mole - Acadian 09. The Electric South feat. Bob Lind - Sing (Unabombers Electric North Remix) 10. Carlos Hernandez - Roller Giggle 11. Finzy Kontini - Cha Cha Cha (Bass And Drums) 12. Musique - Summer Love Theme 13. Soylent Green - Camera Obscura 14. Boards Of Canada - Nlogax 15. Lindstrøm - Another Station 16. Metalchicks - Tears For Fears/Conspiracy 17. Waltz - Folkesta 18. Hawkwind - City Of Lagoons CD 2 01. Hawkwind - City Of Lagoons 02. Visnadi - Racing Tracks (Le Mans Race Mix) 03. Uusi Fantasia - Happamat Kallott 04. Bob James - Moonbop 05. The Salsoul Invention - Soul Machine (additional edits by Dølle Jølle) 06. Axer - 123 07. Dubarchanoid Trim - Perfumed Garden 08. Matias Aguayo - Radiotaxi 09. Recloose - Cardiology (Isolée Mix) 10. Closer Musik - Maria 11. Zombi - Sapphire 12. The Now Generation - African Nightclub 13. The Honeymoon Killers - Décollage (Prins Thomas Multitrack Edit) 14. Tres Demented - She’z Satan 15. Musiccargo - Ich Geh Den Weg Mit Dir 16. Visnadi - Racing Tracks (Indianapolis Drive Mix) 17. The Paper Dolls - Get Down Boy (additional edits by Love On The Run) 18. Parliament - Night Of The Thumpasorus Peoples ‘Cosmo Galactic Prism’ mixed by Prins Thomas will be released on Eskimo Records on June 25th, 2007.