North America: Weekend picks

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    Thu, 14 Dec 2006, 22:00
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  • Tiga, Guy Gerber & David Duriez play Montreal, Vitalic hits Mexico and Miguel Migs goes deep in LA this weekend.
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  • Tiga, Guy Gerber & David Duriez play Montreal, Vitalic hits Mexico and Miguel Migs goes deep in LA this weekend. *** Tiga & Thomas Von Party @ Club OperaTIGA & THOMAS VON PARTY @ CLUB OPERA Thursday, December 14, Montreal The pitch: Turbo Recordings labelmates spin at Montreal's ultra glam superclub. They'll be swinging from the chandeliers. The cast: Tiga, Thomas Von Party, Mini and Call me Poupée. Okay, you're Poupée. The bottom line: Step away from the computer and get yourself down there - it's tonight!. $20 advance, $30 door. - Event details: Tiga & Thomas Von Party @ Club Opera
    Âme @ CieloÂME @ CIELO Thursday, December 14, New York City The pitch: Kristian Beyer from Âme spins at the annual toy drive for e-zine Giant Step. Also check Chicago and Toronto dates this weekend. The cast: One half of Âme. Will a promoter pony up for both one day? The bottom line: 10:00 p.m. - close. $10 and your toys. For the kids, you know? - Event details: Âme @ Cielo
    Jimmy Van M & Audiofly @ This is LondonJIMMY VAN M & AUDIOFLY @ THIS IS LONDON Friday, December 15, Toronto The pitch: 'Balance 10' or 'Undulation 2'? Jimmy Van M and proggy minimal double act Audiofly fight for your hard-earned compilation dollars! Remember to dress English. Er, jeans and a t-shirt? The cast: JVM and the Audiofly guys. The bottom line: 10:00 p.m. - close. Entry is cheaper than buying both CDs. - Event details: Jimmy Van M & Audiofly @ This is London
    Maetrik @ Deeper MoodsMAETRIK @ DEEPER MOODS Friday, December 15, Los Angeles The pitch: L.A's best underground promoters welcome Tribestoff and Sub Static producer Maetrik to LA, secret warehouse style. The cast: Maetrik and locals Darius, Macadamion, Andrew Kelley, Jonra. The bottom line: 10pm - 7am. Call 323-960-1033 for venue details. - Event details: Maetrik at Deeper Moods
    David Duriez & Guy Gerber at SonicDAVID DURIEZ & GUY GERBER AT SONIC Saturday, December 16, Toronto The pitch: Brique Rouge chief David Duriez and Israeli techno whiz Guy Gerber spin together at David Morales' Toronto superclub. Nice lineup. The cast: Duriez, Gerber and resident Sean Miller. The bottom line: 1am - close. $20 advance and before 2am, more afterwards. - Event details: David Duriez & Guy Gerber at Sonic
    Doc Martin @ HabitatDOC MARTIN @ HABITAT Saturday, December 16, Houston The pitch: House stalwart Doc Martin hits up Houston for a long night's journey into day. Pace yourself for the afterparty. The cast: Doc Martin, Alex C vs Josh Dupont and Joey Blanco. The bottom line: 9pm - 9am and then afterhours. $10 presale, $15 on the door. - Event details: Doc Martin at Habitat
    Vitalic @ City HallVITALIC @ CITY HALL Saturday, December 16, Mexico City The pitch: The French laptop'n'roller pumps his renowned live set for the capital city faithful. Marching bands never sounded so good. The cast: Vitalic (live), Replica, ST42, GOG The bottom line: 10pm - close. $220!!! - Event details: Vitalic at City Hall
    Boyz Noise @ Studio BBOYZ NOISE @ STUDIO B Saturday, December 16, Brooklyn The pitch: German electro gigolo jets into Gotham City. The cast: Boyz Noise, Crystal Castles (live), Foreign Islands (live) and residents. The bottom line: 10pm - close. $7-10. - Event details: Boyz Noise at Studio B
    Miguel Migs at DeepMIGUEL MIGS @ DEEP Sunday, December 17, Los Angeles The pitch: Sunday worship at Vanguard with San Francisco house jock Miguel Migs spinning at the long-running Deep party. The cast: Miguel Migs, Lisa Shaw (live), Julius Papp. The bottom line: 9:30pm - 4am. $20. - Event details: Miguel Migs at Deep
    Josh Wink @ Jet Mirage NightclubJOSH WINK @ JET MIRAGE NIGHTCLUB Monday, December 18, Las Vegas The pitch: Ovum label boss takes a gamble on the Vegas crowds at the glitzy Jet. Expect a gobsmacking light show and sound system. The cast: Josh Wink. The bottom line: 10:30pm - 4:30am. $30 advance, more on the door. - Event details: Josh Wink @ Jet Mirage Nightclub
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