New Cassy mix captures Panoramabar

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    Sun, 9 Jul 2006, 23:00
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  • They don't allow photographers in there but Cassy’s ‘Panoramabar 01’ promises to capture the sound of the legendary Berlin club.
  • New Cassy mix captures Panoramabar image
  • They don't allow photographers in there but Cassy’s ‘Panoramabar 01’ promises to capture the sound of the legendary Berlin club. ‘Panoramabar 01’ by Cassy, the second mix CD on Ostgut Ton, will be released August 28. Every major city has one place where you can drink up the best in techno. In London you go to Fabric, in Tokyo you go to Spacelab Yellow and in Berlin you go to the Panoramabar. Situated inside a disused powerplant on the edge of town, the Panoramabar is the upstairs half of big brother Berghain. While Berghain focuses more on techno (and gay pickups), Panoramabar concentrates on hosting parties by Germany’s finest labels with regular slots given over to Perlon, Cadenza, Kompakt and smaller Berlin up-and-comers (though it’s no less obsessed with sex than Berghain as the huge picture above the bar of a vagina attests to. No wonder they're so strict about photographers). The Berghain complex is moving into the record label business, too. Debut release on their Ostgut label was Andre Galluzzi’s ‘Berghain 01’ which mixed together vocal tracks at the accessible end of minimal techno but perhaps undervedly slipped under the radar. On their second CD release, Ostgut are moving upstairs to capture the Panoramabar sound and first in line was longtime Panoramabar resident Cassy from Perlon Records. Cassy is known for her fusion of deep minimal and American house sexiness. As her press puts it, when Cassy plays “sitting around or hanging at the bar is never really an option… everyone finds themselves dancing.” The twenty-four tracks on ‘Panoramabar 01’ span a decade of minimal techno and house from DBX classic ‘Bleep’ to more recent tracks like Redshape’s ‘Dust’. But she’s no tiresome minimal drone: as the press sheet states “Cassy shows that introverted minimalism is only one cross-fade away from something far more ecstatic.” Besides her DJing the mix also showcases Cassy’s production skills. Two of her remixes as well as new material from her upcoming EP ‘Cassy 1’ also make an appearance. Tracklist 01. Shackleton - Blood On My Hands 02. Dwayne Jensen - Believe (Norm Talley’s Beatdown Mix) 03. D5 - Sides Of Space 04. Melchior Productions – Let’s Go Deep 05. Tobias - Below Houston 06. Rick Wade - Night Station 07. Ricardo Villalobos - Sieso 08. NSI - Clara Ghavami (Extended) 09. Mono Junk - Channel B 10. V/A - MLTD 11. Auto-Repeat - What Turned Itself 12. Tobias - Dial 13. DBX - City On The Edge Of Forever 14. Baby Ford &The Ifach Collective - Sugarspoon 15. Yassin & Arne - Bleepy Creep (Cassy Remix) 16. Kolmas 17. Mathias Kaden - Pentaton 18. DBX - Bleep 19. Redshape - Pink Dust 20. Cassy - Toyah 21. Redshape - Dust 22. Shed - Well Done (033472 Edit) 23. Liebe ist Cool - Glhwrmchen (Cassy Remix) 24. DJ Abstract - Touch ‘Panoramabar 01: Cassy’ [Ostgut Ton] is out August 28, 2006.