Black Rave Culture return with second album, BRC Vol. 2

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  • The self-released LP arrives on June 3rd.
  • Black Rave Culture return with second album, BRC Vol. 2 image
  • Black Rave Culture, a trio based in Washington, D.C., are self-releasing their next album. Arriving June 3rd, BRC Vol. 2 sees the crew, consisting of Amal, James Bangura and DJ Nativesun, explore footwork, house, techno, dembow and various other club styles. Heavy on re-sampling, the release sought to disrupt stereotypes of club music made by Black artists, the group told RA. "When it comes to Black dance music, there is very much a perception that a lot of Black artists can only make one thing. We wanted to touch on a various array of genres to show that we have range and can do it well." BRC Vol. 2 follows their self-titled debut LP on Haus of Altr last year. Since then, the group has played in Toronto and New York with an upcoming gig at Slingshot Festival.
    Tracklist 01. NEVER LEFT 02. CEREBRAL ATROPHY 03. ACTIVATE 04. MOROCCAN MIST 05. SOMETHING ELSE 06. PAY ME 07. DEEP BREATHING 08. SUB POPPIN 09. DOPPLER 10. ISSA BOP 11. LONG DISTANCE DILEMMA (PRACTICE) 12. IN MY BIZNESS feat. Dreamcastmoe 13. PACE PLAN (BONUS TRACK) Black Rave Culture will release BRC Vol. 2 on June 3rd, 2022.