Mannequin celebrates '90s techno duo System 01 on new compilation

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  • System 01 1990​-​1994 is out in January.
  • Mannequin celebrates '90s techno duo System 01 on new compilation image
  • A new compilation featuring the work of '90s techno duo System 01 is coming soon on Mannequin Records. Out on January 24th, System 01 1990​-​1994 is the "lost sound of an entire generation of Tresor early movers," label boss Alessandro Adriani told RA. "This is the lost sound of EBM, techno and trance having a new birth." The 12-track compilation includes most of System 01's discography. The artwork is by Ian Anderson from The Designers Republic, the Sheffield studio behind System 01's Drugs Work LP, as well as iconic designs for Aphex Twin and Autechre. System 01, real names Johnny Klimek and Paul Browse, formed in Berlin shortly after the fall of the Wall in 1989. Before the duo, Browse was part of Sheffield group Clock DVA. Later in his career, Klimek moved into film scores. His latest work, The Matrix Resurrections, is out this month. Listen to "Drugs Work."
    Tracklist 01. Drugs Work 02. Any Reality Is An Opinion 03. From Psychedelics To Cybernetics (Instrumental) 04. Know Time 05. Paralysed Force 06. Deadly And Addictive 07. The Pleasure Principle 08. Mind Sensations (Voov / System 01 Mix) 09. Victim 34 10. Take My Soul 11. The Confession 12. You're Like Me Mannequin Records will release System 01 1990​-​1994 on January 24th, 2022. Correction, December 3rd: A previous version of this piece said that Paul Browse joined Clock DVA after System 01. In fact, it was before.