New Barcelona exhibition explores self-publishing with music by Drexciya, Vril, Laurie Anderson

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  • Félicia Atkinson, Pauline Oliveros and Calibre also feature in Repair Manuals And Cosmic Sounds, which runs until May 2022.
  • New Barcelona exhibition explores self-publishing with music by Drexciya, Vril, Laurie Anderson image
  • A new exhibition in Barcelona looks at ways in which collective and experimental forms of self-publishing can address global emergencies. Running until May 2022 at the Museum Of Contemporary Art, Repair Manuals And Cosmic Sounds: Self-Publishing To Heal The Entire Universe features a selection of musical, visual and written works dating back to the 1960s. It focuses on works that challenge established ways of thinking "based on the strategies of 'do it yourself' and 'less is more.'" The project's curators, Magui Dávila and Maite Muñoz, told Resident Advisor that they "propose a device of fanzines, manuals, vinyls, cassettes, sound experiences, posters and essays that inspire us to think about other possible ways of inhabiting the planet from an eco-feminist and eco-social interspecies alliance. These projects also turned to music as a catalyst and provided sound experiences in which the use of synthesizers, and very often the consumption of lysergic cocktails, played a fundamental role. The dance floors became pacifist barricades and parties became spaces of resistance." Dávila and Muñoz cite the work of architect, inventor and utopian Buckminster Fuller as a foundational reference point, as well as the Whole Earth Catalog (1968) and The New Woman's Survival Catalog (1973). Records including Calibre's Planet Hearth and Félicia Atkinson's A Forest Petrifies are in the category of "Climate Emergency." Mort Garson's Mother Earth's Plantasia, Hiroshi Yoshimura's Green and the works of Pauline Oliveros are featured under "Interspecies Relationships." Other parts of the exhibition include Sonic Warfare: Sound, Affect, And The Ecology Of Fear, a book by Steve Goodman (AKA Kode9), as well as music by Sophia Loizou, Boreal Massif (AKA Pessimist & Loop Faction), Verraco, Drexciya and Laurie Anderson. A brochure for the exhibition, including a conceptual map of all the featured works, is available here.