Ergot Records is a new record store and venue in the East Village, New York

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  • The shop, run by the artist and label owner Adrian Rew, launches in Manhattan this weekend.
  • Ergot Records is a new record store and venue in the East Village, New York image
  • Ergot Records, a New York-based label run by artist Adrian Rew, is entering the record store business. The Ergot Records shop opens this Friday, September 17th, at 32 East 2nd Street in Manhattan's East Village. The store's stock is currently comprised of predominately used vinyl and cassettes, but an expanded selection of new releases, books and other print material are expected soon. To celebrate, the shop is hosting DJ sets all weekend from Whitney Claflin, DatKat, Davide Gualandi, Brandon Ndife, Bob Nickas and Brian Turner. Future in-store events will be announced soon. In a press statement, Rew, a Lot Radio resident and former curator at art gallery Blank Forms, explained how the pandemic impacted his decision to venture into retail. "The events of the last year and a half have brought about the unfortunate closure of crucial downtown hubs of sonic gathering and information transfer such as 2 Bridges Music Arts, the Pyramid Club and Max Fish," he said. "By opening in a neighborhood that once overflowed with vinyl delights and keeping the shop spacious enough for performances, mixing sessions, and other events, I hope to help keep the energies of these vital cultures flowing," he continued. "New York has been a unique hotbed of spirited multicultural musical innovation since before [Thomas] Edison invented the phonograph, so the shop will reflect that diversity with selections that range from jazz, salsa, punk, disco, hip-hop, and house to the avant-garde, minimalism, experimental music, and records by visual artists." For updates on the shop, visit Ergot's website. Check the event listing below for set times on the Grand Opening event.