Laurent Garnier and Scan X are the founders of anonymous label Cod3 QR

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  • The French techno veterans have been operating secretly for four years, releasing ten mini-compilations.
  • Laurent Garnier and Scan X are the founders of anonymous label Cod3 QR image
  • Laurent Garnier and Scan X have revealed themselves as the founders of anonymous label Cod3 QR. The concept behind Cod3 QR, which launched in 2018, was to anonymously release various artist EPs before unveiling the artists responsible two months later. "In a time where the package seems to become more important than the content, we felt that it was important to make some kind of a statement," Garnier told Resident Advisor. Out digitally today, September 10th, the label's tenth release features Speaking Minds & Amarcord, Diego Infanzon and solo tracks by Garnier and Scan X. "We managed to keep the secret for four years," Garnier added. "That's already way more time than we were hoping for. The fact that we both have a track on Cod3 QR 010, it felt right to also reveal our identity as being behind the label. The main policy of the label will remain the same. Each artist will still be under code names (for two months) for each future release. Remember: music comes first." Garnier confirmed that the next release on Cod3 QR will be a 12-track compilation. Past releases include music by Agents Of Time, Eduardo De La Calle and CYRK. Listen to Cod3 QR 010.
    Tracklist 01. Laurent Garnier - How d'ya like your beef 02. Speaking Minds & Amarcord - Poliritmo 03. Scan X - Internal 04. Diego Infanzon - Bye Bye Cod3 QR 010 is out now.