Mixcloud simplifies livestreaming with Mixcloud Studio

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  • Currently in the beta stage, the new function will allow users to livestream directly from their browser.
  • Mixcloud simplifies livestreaming with Mixcloud Studio image
  • Mixcloud has revealed a new feature, Mixcloud Studio. Currently in its beta stage, Studio offers creators the option to stream live directly from their browser, a feature that removes the need for users to download any third-party software. Once fully realised, Mixcloud says: "We hope to build Studio into a powerful one-stop-shop for any DJ, producer or musician that wants to livestream." Announced in a statement on their website, Studio will manage copyright on the users behalf, and provide built-in interactivity and engagement tools. Explaining the reasons behind the move, Mixcloud says: "Whether you're uploading a mix or going live, using Mixcloud has required creators to master a combination of software and hardware before they touch Mixcloud's interface. There are many things that can (and do) go wrong along the way, from sound levels to video settings, to file-size and internet speeds. When we have an opportunity to make it easier for creators to use Mixcloud, we should take it." Mixcloud Pro users can trial the new Studio feature here, and are encouraged to report any bugs while the release remains in beta stage. The weekly RA Podcast is available to stream via Mixcloud. Listen to RA.793 with Kitty Amor.