Italian label and crew Nu Guinea changes name to Nu Genea

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  • In a statement, they said they were using their previous name in a "naive and superficial way."
  • Italian label and crew Nu Guinea changes name to Nu Genea image
  • Italian group (and label) Nu Guinea have announced a name change to Nu Genea. In a statement on social media, the Naples-based crew explained their previous choice of name, calling it a "very naive and superficial" choice and acknowledging that they had "no ownership" over the name, originally inspired by the island of New Guinea as well as the American racial slur "guineas" targeted at Southern Italians. They explain the new name comes from the Greek word "γενεά," meaning birth, and signifies a "new birth in our consciousness, as well as a name that reflects more directly the concept of our music, which is based on mixing styles and sounds that have touched the gulf of Napoli [edited for clarity]." Nu Genea started out as the core duo of Massimo Di Lena (who also runs the Early Sounds label) and Lucio Aquilina, but have since expanded into a quartet with the addition of Paolo Petrella and Andrea De Fazio. Their most recent album, Nuova Napoli, came out in 2018 on their self-titled NG Records label. Read the crew's statement in full, in both English and Italian.