Gearslutz renamed Gearspace

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  • The name change follows original website builder Meg Lee Chin's reports of misconduct by a cofounder.
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  • The audio engineering forum Gearslutz is changing its name to Gearspace in April. The idea behind the name change is to make the forum "more inclusive and better suited to professional environments and the audio education world." The move follows an online petition that gained just under 5,000 signatures requesting the name be changed. The original site, which dubs itself the "world's biggest pro audio forum," was built by Meg Lee Chin in 2000 and cofounded by Julian Standen. In 2010 Lee Chin reached an out-of-court settlement with Standen over claims he'd reneged on a deal stipulating Lee Chin as a partner. "I built and created Gearslutz with Julian Standen in 2000," she wrote in January after the petition to rename the site was launched. "He was the head moderator. I performed all the technical work behind the scenes. He chose the awful name. After seven years of busting my arse 80 hours a week, Standen decided to pretend I was not a partner but just an employee." Read Lee Chin's full experience via her blog.