LNS & DJ Sotofett reveal album on Tresor

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  • Sputters is out in June.
  • LNS & DJ Sotofett reveal album on Tresor image
  • LNS and DJ Sotofett have a new album coming out on Tresor. The 15-track LP, Sputters, was recorded between 2017 and 2020, with some interludes taken from archival material. It also features E-GZR, an artist from Sotofett's label Wania, on the opening track, "K.O." Sputters will be available digitally and on vinyl from June 25th. The connection between DJ Sotofett and Tresor stretches back to 2015, when he started doing Sex Tags Mania parties at the Berlin club. This year, Tresor is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a book, reissues, a box set, HÖR-streamed live sets from the vault and more. Listen to "El Dubbing."
    Tracklist 01. Enter 323 02. K.O. by E-GZR 03. El Dubbing 04. Dúnn Dubbing 05. Ziggurat 06. Inter 323 07. Vitri-Oil 08. Shim 09. Restart 323 10. The 606 11. Tidbit 12. Synchronic Bass Blort 13. Sputtering 14. Outrospect 323 15. Cellular Coolant Tresor Records will release Sputters on June 25th, 2021.