Inner City and Idris Elba release new music video, We All Move Together

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  • The Black Lives Matter-inspired video features members of the Detroit Will Breathe coalition, and aims to raise money for their legal fund.
  • Inner City and Idris Elba release new music video, We All Move Together image
  • Kevin Saunderson's Inner City and Idris Elba have released a new music video in collaboration with Detroit Will Breathe. "We All Move Together" features spoken word from Elba, and the video shows protests in the Motor City led by Detroit Will Breathe, a collective who have worked for social justice and civil rights in Detroit and were founded this year amidst the Black Lives Matter protests. They've organized the release of a 15 year-old Black child from prison (where she was sent after not doing homework) as well as an inquiry into the death of Priscilla Slater, who was found dead in a jail cell. The video release also seeks to raise money for Detroit Will Breathe, who have an ongoing fundraiser via GoFundMe. Read a statement from the group below. "With the challenges in Michigan, the US and further afield, specific to what we are facing with the BLM movement, we deeply felt that we wanted to release a culturally significant and impactful video that not only embodies the message of the track, but that also directly benefits the Detroit Will Breathe individuals and collectives on the frontline of the movement in the city," say Inner City and Idris Elba. "Our platforms can shine global light on the amazing work they do, and it takes the message of the track to an even higher place." Watch the video.