CLUB CHAI comes to an end, announces final compilation and zine

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  • The Oakland crew has also started a fundraiser to support its founders 8ULENTINA and Lara Sarkissian's future careers.
  • CLUB CHAI comes to an end, announces final compilation and zine image
  • CLUB CHAI, the Oakland-based collective, is coming to an end in January. The group was started by 8ULENTINA and Lara Sarkissian five years ago and has grown into a full-on party series and record label, releasing compilations as well as EPs from artists like Jasmine Infiniti, quest?onmarc and others. In a note posted to social media and GoFundMe, the duo explain that the move "is not a reaction to COVID or this year, it's just us staying true to ourselves, our intentions and commitment to evolution and growth." "The CLUB CHAI ethos will continue through our individual practices and collaborations," they add. "We remain committed to work that challenges the Western perception of international music and genres. 8ULENTINA and Lara Sarkissian will continue to collaborate, just outside of the framework of CLUB CHAI." A fundraiser has been launched to support 8ULENTINA and Lara Sarkissian in their upcoming endeavours, meant to cover the cost of "gear, classes and software" in the future. CLUB CHAI's final release will be a follow-up to 2017's label compilationCLUB CHAI Vol. 2—along with a zine featuring old flyers, photos and essays about CLUB CHAI. Anyone wanting to contribute content about CLUB CHAI is invited to email [email protected] with the subject line "zine contribution." Both are due out in January.